Climate Change Refugees Camp: to Encourage Sekartaji Go Green Village


Climate Change Refugees Camp

As response on this earth condition, which is become worse and worse, Sahabat Walhi, Friend of the Earth, decided to take their second Jamboree with theme “Climate Change Refugees Camp : to Encourage Sekartaji Go Green Village”. The first Jamboree was in Batukaru, and the second one, it was held in Sekartaji, Sesandan village, Tabanan on Saturday through Sunday, 19th – 20th December 2009.

Climate Change Refugees Camp

Sahabat Walhi realise that they could not be passive in facing the destruction of our environment. We need to take action, although it is just a simple thing. As we know that, time to time especially in our country, the ambient temperature becomes hotter and hotter. Most of us really want to live in a comfortable place, where the people have healthy lifestyle with the unpolluted environment and also the beautiful land, or we might call it “Greenland”.

But, unfortunately, it is not easy to find that kind of place in our region, Denpasar. Too much people live in there. Besides, there are many vehicles which produce a lot of Carbon Dioxide, and we always find scrapheap on the street and the smell is very bad. Hopefully, by doing this activity, we could make this environment better.

Why did we choose Sekartaji, Tabanan as the venue? Because it has a great potential to be a green village, which is could be a model, so that others could follow their way in protecting the environment. Sekartaji is a Balinese agriculture village situated in the Tabanan district, just about 8 km north of Tabanan city. As a traditional village, Sekartaji inherited some of the best natural scenery of Bali: a breathtaking view of green rice fields and terraces, combined with traditional plantation and conserved bamboo forest, all in one territory.

give a tree plant the tree

There, we were planting and cleaning up. Together with the society there, we planted 175 Cempaka trees, kind of Tropical Manolia. While we were trekking, we had taken rubbish along the road. There were not only Sahabat Walhi member involved in that event, but also senior high school students, student of collage, and some communities.

Climate Change Refugees Camp

“By doing this Jamboree, we try to encourage youth awareness in keeping our environment. Besides, we also inform the others youth how to keep and protect the nature. Just keep moving forward, and never stop to do something for the betterment of this earth,” said Mr Davi, the deputy of WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup) Bali.(sudiani)

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